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Hi, Vineel here, Interested in Operating System internals, Works @ Microsoft

This article talks about what are signed and unsigned numbers, How they are implemented in the assembly and their relation to C's integer arithmetic conversions.

This article is about the basics of .lib files, and how they are created and used during compilation

It talks about the basics of PCI Express Interconnect present on every modern PC's motherboard. Mostly about the naming conventions used

It talks about how PDB files play a crucial role in debugging and in mapping binary file with its source code

It talks about why we have to use .process /i instead of .process /r /p when setting user mode breakpoint when doing kernel debugging in Windows

It talks about how breakpoints work in debuggers in general and Windbg specifically

It talks about the necessary steps involved in the compilation process and a brief introduction to reverse engineering exe files without source code

It talks about how basic emulators work and provides an implementation about Chip-8 emulator in Java